News - Titan Compound Target Scopes - New Anti-reflective bubbles now attached with a nylon grub screw.

2 High Index, High Contrast XVISION Lenses with every Titan Scope


Introducing Premium World Quality X Vision flat glass multicoated optics
































   X Vision   Recurve & Micro     Aperture














X Vision  Lenses Recurve & Micro    












XVision Target Scope














X VISION Lenses for Target Scope













Arrow Rest    



NEW PRODUCT - Recurve & Micro Recurve Aperture

                           - X Vision flat glass multicoat optics


  • Aperture available only with 0.030" red fibre and additional glass optic with 1mm dot.
  • Recurve or Micro Recure X Vision Aperture in Black, Red, Blue or Silver fitted with 0.030" red fibre and is ordered with either standard 8/32 unc thread or 10/32 unf thread.
  • World Archery approved with no magnification
  • Recurve -Multi “O” ring lens retention also varies the aperture size from 14mm, 13mm, 11.6mm down to 11.2mm in a few seconds
  • Micro Recurve -Multi “O” ring lens retention also varies the aperture size from 14mm, 13mm, 11.6mm down to 11.2mm in a few seconds.
  • Square Aperture insert washer also included.Image





- Lenses for Recurve & Micro Recurve Scopes

- X Vision flat glass multicoat optics


  • X-Vision Superior Glass Lens with anti-reflective coating technology, water shedding ‘Nano’ coating
  • X Vision Recurve Optic (lens) with one of the following 0.030"fibre - 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm dot or 5.5mm, 6.0mm ring
  • Extra 0.030” fibres or a strip of Gunstar dots/circles is included
  • 1 of the following on the lens
    • 1.0, 1.5, 2.0mm dot
    • 5.5, 6.0 mm circle with dot





- Compound Target 35mm (1⅜") Scope

- X Vision flat glass multicoat optics


  • Two X-Vision Superior Glass Lenses with each aperture, utilising the latest in anti-reflective coating technology
  • 1st lens - 4x ( 0.50 diopter) with 5.5mm circle/dot - 35mm dia. fitted to scope
  • 2nd lens - 6x ( 0.75 diopter) with 7.0 mm circle/dot - 35mm dia. included in package
  • Two X-Vision Superior Glass Lenses with anti-reflective coating technology, water shedding ‘Nano’ coating
  • Anti-reflective bubles attached by nylon grub screw.


  • Option of RH or LH scope
  • Colour options - Black, Red, Blue & Silver
    • Black and Blue scopes have green bubbles
    • Red and Silver scopes have red bubbles



NEW PRODUCT - Lenses for Target Scope

                           - X Vision flat glass multicoat optics


  • X-Vision Superior Glass Lens with anti-reflective coating technology, water shedding ‘Nano’ coating
  • 2x, 4x, 6x or 8x
  • 1x Strip of 10 Gunstar dots & circles


  • Option of RH or LH scope
  • 1 of the following on the lens
    • 1.0, 1.5, 2.0mm dot
    • 5.5, 7.0, 8.0 mm circle with dot
    • Crosshair



           ARROW REST

 TITAN “Pretensioned Blade”


  • Elimination of vane contact on blade rebound
  • Elimination of shaft judder and bounce when drawing the bow
  • Elimination of blade fatigue breakages by blade flex reversal
  • Simple setup and tuning
  • 5 Blades included, 2 wide throat and 3 narrow throat
  • Highest Quality Materials - no castings
  • Vernier scales make changing shaft sizes simple
  • Rest can be used as a standard blade by removing the pretension plate


Nocking points and serving must not be tight on the arrow's nocks, I recommend nocks, like the Easton G Nock and G pin, that do not peg , not nocks like the Easton Super nock. Tight nocks and nocking points create lift on the shaft when drawing the bow causing the arrow to jump off the rest.


Titan scopes are eccentrically CNC machined from solid 6061 bar ensuring superior quality and strength.

We use ‘the best’ quality coated lenses offering amazing clarity and sharpness.

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The Titan Story -

Founder and designer of Titan Scopes Leigh Cornish, has been an archer since the 1960's and has immense experience in both recurve and compound archery. He is an excellent field archer, having twice finished 2nd in World Field Archery Championships and also 2nd in the IFAA World 3D in 2001. In 1997 he won the IFAA Pacific Region Field Championship and has won 5 Australian Fita Field Championships & 4 Australian FITA Target Championships. In 2009 he again won the World Masters IFAA/Fita Field and also won both the World Masters Indoor and Target.

Having worked as an Engineer for 30 years Leigh left to start an Archery Dealership where he gained an intimate knowledge of archery equipment. Never satisfied with the quality and accuracy of conventional equipment, Leigh found himself having to modify his gear, providing him with a technical advantage over the world's best.After many years of development Titan Scopes was born. It has been the unique combination of Leigh's experience in the field as an archer and off the field as a Dealer and Engineer that has led to the success of Titan Scopes.As an endorsement to Titan's commitment to precision, quality and service, the world's best now choose to shoot Titan Scopes.

Michael Cornish




2016 Rio Olympics

Congratulations to the Australian Men's team, Olympic bronze

Alec Potts, Ryan Tyack and Taylor Worth all Titan Archers!!!


2016 Rio Olympics.


Congratulations Brady Ellison, bronze at the Olympics using a Titan Aperture, you continue to inspire.


Brady Ellison  

2014 World Cup Champion Recurve Sighting Procedure Using a Titan Aperture






frosted lens on sight3 frosted lenses

These Lenses can assist with aiming problems The concept of these lenses is to help archers who have trouble putting the aiming dot on the gold. No dot or circle is used, you simply centre the image in the smaller lens. If you can think of something other than the aiming process ( I think about my grandchild) your subconscious mind takes over the aiming process, the centring process is automatic and your subconscious mind always tries to centre the image. The process results in more relaxed aiming*. It is not for everyone but can be a godsend for those with target panic and worth a try. It can also be an aid used when training. The frosting approach maintains the visibility of your bubble. * concept developed by Bruce Johnson


Latest Rest Feedback from Users/dealers

Hi Leigh,
I fitted the Titan Arrow rest today and I must say that tuning was a breeze. The micro adjust is very precise and lacks the slop and slack of my previous rest which made adjustments simple, exact and quick.
One thing I did like about this rest is that apart from the large mounting bolt to the riser, all other adjustments are done with just one Allen key.
The lack of judder during draw was a little strange to get used to, but it makes the draw so smooth. The CNC machining and finish on this product is superb. All in all, the best made, most easily adjusted and overall top quality rest I have bolted on my bow. Thanks Leigh for a fine, quality product.
Regards, Brian Politis.
PS Leigh can you give me a price and availability of spare two dot .0010 blades.